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What’s type of car need in salalah

Salalah, the capital city of the Dhofar region in Oman, is a popular destination for travelers seeking a unique and memorable experience. One of the best ways to explore this beautiful city and its surrounding areas is by renting a 4WD car. With the convenience of picking up your rental car at Salalah Airport or hotels, you can start your adventure as soon as you arrive With Mersad Car Rental.Renting a 4WD car in Salalah offers travelers the freedom to explore the stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and historical sites at their own pace. Whether you want to visit the famous Al Mughsayl Beach, explore the ancient ruins of Sumhuram Archaeological Park, or drive through the lush greenery of Wadi Darbat, having a reliable and comfortable vehicle is essential for a hassle-free travel experience.By choosing to pick up your 4WD car at Salalah Airport or hotels, you can save time and avoid the stress of searching for transportation upon arrival. With a wide range of rental options available in Mersad Car Rental Company, you can easily find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and budget. So why wait? Book your 4WD car rental in Salalah today with Mersad Car Rental and embark on a memorable trip filled with adventure and discovery.MERSAD CAR RENTAL is with you in Muscat and Salaleh city of Oman country. ENJOYE YOUR TRIP WITH

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Salalah rent a car price

ِDaily RO: 16 / OMR
Weekly RO: 105 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 15 / OMR
Weekly RO: 95 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 13 / OMR
Weekly RO: 85 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 13 / OMR
Weekly RO: 78 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 15/ OMR
Weekly RO: 100 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 15 / OMR
Weekly RO: 95 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 20 / OMR
Weekly RO: 130 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 17 / OMR
Weekly RO: 115 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 17/ OMR
Weekly RO: 110 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 20 / OMR
Weekly RO: 130 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 15 / OMR
Weekly RO: 95 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 16 / OMR
Weekly RO: 105 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 15/ OMR
Weekly RO: 95 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 25 / OMR
Weekly RO: 165 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 20 / OMR
Weekly RO: 130 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 18 / OMR
Weekly RO: 120 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 18 / OMR
Weekly RO: 120 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 30 / OMR
Weekly RO: 200 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 35 / OMR
Weekly RO: 240 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 38 / OMR
Weekly RO: 260 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 55 / OMR
Weekly RO: 350 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 45 / OMR
Weekly RO: 300 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 50 / OMR
Weekly RO: 340 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 50 / OMR
Weekly RO: 335 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 65 / OMR
Weekly RO: 430 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 85 / OMR
Weekly RO: 560 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 25 / OMR
Weekly RO: 170 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 60 / OMR
Weekly RO: 390 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 50 / OMR
Weekly RO: 300 / OMR

ِDaily RO: 40 / OMR
Weekly RO: 265 / OMR

Select Your Favorite Car

Browse through our car rental inventory and choose a vehicle that fits your travel needs and requirements.

Paying Options

Customers can choose to make their payments through Visa card or through cash upon delivery.

Car Delivery and Car Pick Up

Once the booking confirmed, we shall deliver your car to any location of your choosing within Muscat.

Document Required to Rent a car with driver in Salalah

The following documents are required for booking or making reservation for the car rental services for people residing in OMAN:

For OMAN Residents

  • Valid OMAN driving license
  • Copy of OMAN ID

For Tourists visiting OMAN

  • Passport copy
  • Valid current driving license
  • Copy of Visit Visa/ Visa stamp
  • Rent a car without Deposit

If you decide to Rent a Car ?!

Here are the special services of Mersad car rental as below:

• To provide all type of required cars such as, VIP, luxury, Classic (Sedan, SUV, Van, minibus and bus) for all over the Oman on (24/7)hour service.
• To support and provide repair and maintenance services for the cars as long as car agreement, free of charge.
• To change the car during the rental agreement period if required.
• To enjoy various insurance coverage in term of need of applicant.
• To deliver the car at client’s desired location (all over Muscat)
• Free pick-up and drop-off car (is available at the airport or Muscat city)
• Looking to rent a car for flexible pricing policy the day, a week, a month or yearly.
• Online and phone car reservation

• To conclude, the special contracts for using the cars with no distance limitation.
• To provide travel and entertainment facilities for the clients.
• Providing all languages translators and tour guides.
• To get a visa, reserve a hotels, airplane tickets and tourist centers.
• One and several day tours throughout Oman (Business tours, educational tours)
• To hold a summit, meeting, conference and domestic and international congresses.
• Organization Staff/Team members transportation (School, Restaurant, industry)
• Airline Crew transportation
• To provide airport pick-up and drop-off.

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